The Lab Coffee & Co.

Branding, Packaging, Motion, Signage,
Environmental Graphics, 2019

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Motion: Karo
Client: The Lab Coffee & Co.

The Lab Coffee & Co. is a cafe that focuses on coffee taste testing and experience. To prioritize the experience of coffee itself, we designed series of graphics for coffee brewing, taste and olfaction as the visual identity system of this cafe and weakened the logo and name of the brand at the same time. These graphics are black and white interlaced and expressing experimental themes of compatibility and exclusion. We want to transfer the characteristic of coffee and coffee beans to the audience by visual expression of taste and smell. Semi manual materials provide the different presentation of this set of graphics, which not only increases the sense of experiment ceremony, but also saves the cost for the independent management mode. In the store space environment, there are also a large number of these graphics and related signs, which deepen the visual impression of the visitors.


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