Symphonie Fantastique - 220th Anniversary of Hector Berlioz’s Birth

Poster, Calligraphy, Lettering, Typeface, Print, 2023

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Client: Musée Hector-Berlioz

2023 is the 220th anniversary of the birth of French composer Hector Berlioz (1803-1869). To commemorate this special year, I designed this series of posters for Musée Hector-Berlioz with the theme of “Symphonie Fantastique”.
“Symphonie Fantastique” is the most influential work of Berlioz. The symphony describes a series of fantasies from the composer about his dream lover in the form of program music: from longing to meeting to doubting to killing and then to destruction, it fully expresses the changes of individual emotions, forming a sharp difference with the grand narrative characteristics of previous symphonies. On the technical level, this symphony also embodies Berlioz’s bold innovations in orchestral grammar: imaginative melody and harmony, subversive orchestration timbre, and “fixed idea” throughout each movement, etc… The birth of this work marks the opening of romantic music.
There are five posters in this series, corresponding to the five movements of “Symphonie Fantastique”. I designed the titles of the five movements starting from the form of typography, among them, different type design methods such as calligraphy, lettering and typeface design are used to respond to the humanism and delicate ingenuity of the composition and arrangement of the music. The posters are printed on art papers of different colors, and combined with the 3D effects in the picture and different hot stamping techniques, using strong sense of texture to echo the Berlioz’s extreme attempt on the sound of musical instruments, and also conveys the rich emotions of longing, beauty, desolation, weirdness, and madness of the music. Just as the titles of the movement describe the music, I designed the shape of titles and arrange the layout to express the content and emotion of the music it conveys.


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