Symbiosis of Light

Poster, Motion, 3D, 2023

Creative Director: Michael (WallpaperSTORE* Team)
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex, Hawk
3D: Yichen
Motion: Yichen
Project Manager: Citrus (WallpaperSTORE* Team)
Client: Occhio, WallpaperSTORE*

There are the posters we designed for the joint fair by German luxury lighting brand Occhio and WallpaperSTORE*, and the theme is Symbiosis of Light. The posters are divided into teaser version and official version, we combine the brand elements and exhibition information of both parties with the product features, express them in the form of light and shadow, and reflect the style of the exhibition content with the ultimate visual effect of light and shadow interaction, and echo the theme of symbiosis.


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