Sweety Ripple

Branding, Packaging, Motion, 2020

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Motion: Karo
Client: Sweety Ripple

Sweety Ripple is a new brand of tea drinks and its main product is fresh fruit tea. In the visual design of brand, I expressed the core points of brand promotion, such as ripple, satisfaction and fresh. First of all, I set the ups and downs of the format system to echo the brand name Sweety Ripple to describe the product experience. Secondly, I designed witty and satisfied expression illustrations to establish emotional communication with consumers. Finally, I used raw material pictures without modification and typesetting without information hierarchy to reflect the fresh and non additive features of the product. There is no logo in the traditional sense in the visual design of Sweety Ripple, I combined information, expression illustrations and pictures in a wavy format, open and rich, which constitutes a unique brand visual memory point.


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