[Summer Time] The Scientist Coffee SS 2022

Poster, Print, Motion, 2022

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Design: Alex
Motion: Karo
Client: The Scientist Coffee

Summer Time is the theme of The Scientist Coffee’s new product promotion in spring and summer of 2022. This season’s new product is characterized by jasmine fragrance. The design of the theme poster deconstructs the ripples in summer and the shape of jasmine flowers, and then rearranges the images to visualize the fresh and elegant fragrance of jasmine flowers. At the same time, the poster printing uses the characteristics of metal ink to imitate the texture of sunlight on the water, and conveys a lazy and pleasant summer mood.

Summer Time是科學家咖啡2022春夏新品推廣的主題,這一季新品的特征是茉莉花香。主題海報的設計將夏日的漣漪與茉莉花造型進行解構,再通過對圖像重新的編排,把茉莉花香的清新儒雅可視化;同時海報的印刷利用金屬油墨的特點,模仿了午後陽光灑在水面的質感,傳遞出慵懶怡人的夏日情緒。

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