Nice Princess

Rebranding, Packaging, 2022-2023

Collaborate with VIW Design, Seoul
Creative Director: Daniel (VIW Team)
Strategy: Thea (VIW Team)
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Megan, Hawk, Alex
Motion: Hawk
3D: Ccisok
Project Manager: Daniel (VIW Team)
Client: Purcotton
Nice Princess is a sanitary pads brand under Purcotton, and we have collaborated with the Seoul based design team VIW to complete its rebranding.
Relying on the powerful raw material technology of Winner Medical, the parent company of Purcotton, Nice Princess has become the only brand in the sanitary pads category labeled as 100% cotton. Its products leave a comfortable and natural impression on users, and also determine its high-end market positioning. However, the previous branding of Nice Princess is no different from other mid and low end brands in the industry, and cannot reflect its product competitiveness and matching aesthetic style. Driven by new consumer demands, Nice Princess focuses on young customers and comprehensively upgrades the brand visual around product packaging.
In the strategy phase, we summarized three key words that reflect the core of the brand: soft, powerful, and nature, based on the product advantages of Nice Princess and the value orientation of young audiences, and proposed the brand spirit - soft yet powerful.
During the design phase, in order to address the issues of unclear main elements, chaotic informations, and outdated style in previous packaging, we simplified Nice Princess’s new visual system into three levels: symbol, information and colors. Firstly, based on the product characteristics of 100% cotton and the soft yet powerful brand spirit, we designed the exclusive identification symbol of Nice Princess. This symbol is composed of a positive shaped cotton and a negative shaped crown, which is also a visual expression of the brand name. Secondly, at the information level, we used layout and icons to layer the complex information of the sanitary pads category, so that it can be presented clearly and logically at different points of contact. The surrounding layout of brand name and product strength is also the brand identity element second only to the cotton symbol, echoing the product attributes of total care. Finally, based on the concept of natural organic and green as the main tone, we set up a diverse color matching system for the brand, which not only meets the function of distinguishing product matrices, but also makes the brand’s temperament more youthful and free, achieving the new target audience’s expectations for the visual experience of the product.



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