Mascot of Science Communication

Mascot, Motion, Product, 2019

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Motion: Karo

“Science communication and public design should be beautiful and interesting”, this is our original intention when we received this project commission. We consider that the mascot of science communication should not make people feel distanced, but an interesting way to spread boring scientific knowledge to the public; at the same time, this image is simple, easy to describe, easy to popularize.Therefore,we were inspired by inserting toys from childhood, extending the basic elements with the simplest circle, and forming a complete set of mascot families in the form of inserts. The mascot family members are related or opposed the emergence of scientific things, they can cooperate with each other to tell the scientific principles and increase the sense of drama. The flexible composition form gives more imagination space for later applications, and can meet various demands of social platforms and offline promotion. What a pity that the client did not adopt this set of designs in the end, but we still believe that the open, interactive, and witty form can bring scientific knowledge closer to the public.


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