Les Préludes

Poster, Print, 2022

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Client: Independent Project

Musilk is an independent poster design project to express classical music by graphics and typefaces, and the theme of this poster is Les Préludes, Liszt’s Symphonic Poem No.3. Symphonic poem is a single movement symphony invented by Liszt, which emphasizes the dramatic and lyrical nature of music, his Les Préludes expresses the view of French poet Lamartine that “life is the prelude to death”. This piece of music only uses a triple tone thematic motive to make a rich and imaginative variation, which depicts the conflicting philosophical connotation conveyed in the preface. The design of the poster also uses only two letters L and P, which represent Les Préludes, to transform, and arranges them with the images associated with the emotions of the four paragraphs of the music, to depict the sense of the picture beyond the musical and literary aspects of this symphonic poem.

Musilk是一個自發的海報設計項目,旨在用圖形和字體來表達古典音樂。這張海報的主題是Les Préludes,既李斯特的第三部交響詩「前奏曲」。交響詩是由李斯特發明的一種單樂章交響曲,強調音樂的戲劇性和抒情性,他的這部「前奏曲」表達了法國詩人拉馬丁「人生是走向死亡的前奏」的觀點,僅用一個三連音的主題動機進行豐富的、充滿想象的變奏,描繪了樂曲序言中極具矛盾沖突的哲學內涵。海報的設計也僅用代表Les Préludes的兩個字母L和P進行變形,並與由樂曲四個段落的情緒而聯想的圖像進行蒙太奇式的編排,描繪出這部交響詩音樂性和文學性之外的畫面感。

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