Coup Cup Coffee

Branding, Packaging, Typeface, 2017

Creative Director: Vincent
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Client: Coup Cup Coffee

Coup Cup Coffee was born in the background of the sharing economy. It is a cafe with specialty coffee, shared office and shared talent apartment. Starting with its name, we extract the common first letter “C” with the idea of sharing to deeply express Communion, Cooperation, Cultural and Creative of such a Coffee Company. At the same time, the form is used in logo and layout, conveying the concept of cooperation and sharing advocated by this brand.

Coup Cup Coffee誕生於共享經濟的大背景下,是一家集精品咖啡、共享辦公和共享人才公寓為一體的咖啡館。我們從Coup Cup Coffee這個名字出發,呼應共享的理念,提取共有首字母「C」,基於Communion、Cooperation、Cultural和Creative四個概念,深度表達這樣的一家Coffee Company。這一形式運用於標誌和排版中,傳達出品牌倡導合作與共享的理念。

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