Complexity and Simplicity

Poster, Print, 2017

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex

Client: Biennial of Asia Graphic Design

Complexity and Simplicity are series typography posters about the philosophy between complexity and simplicity. Interaction of Complexity and Simplicity - The balance of yin and yang can create all things, there is also a symbiosis between complexity and simplicity. The poster is shown in the form of typography, we can see the Chinese characters “FAN” and “JIAN” in the same image by the contrast of wide and fine shapes. I want to convey the philosophy of the symbiosis between complexity and simplicity by this poster. There is Simplicity in the Complexity - Everything has two sides, the key is to look at things from what angle. The poster is shown in the form of typography. There is a Chinese character “JIAN” in the complicated lines, the strokes of “JIAN” are from another Chinese character “FAN”. I want to convey the meaning of simplicity (JIAN) in the complexity (FAN) by this pure and repetitive technique. Turn Complexity into Simplicity - Choice is the theme of life, we want to find the simple things in the complicated world. The poster is shown in the form of typography, I change the Chinese character “FAN” into another Chinese character “JIAN” by virtual and reality shapes. The poster convey the concept of Turn Complexity (FAN) into Simplicity (JIAN). These Posters make use of the dual relationship between different graphics to extend the deeper narrative of characters and symbols. The posters are printed by silver ink on black paper.


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