BWV 1043

Poster, Typeface, Print, 2022

Creative Director: Alex
Art Director: Alex
Designer: Alex
Client: Independent Project

Musilk is an independent poster design project to express classical music by graphics and typefaces, and the theme of this series of three posters is BWV 1043, Bach’s Double Violin Concerto in D minor. This work is written in the form of Polyphony and the music has two main instruments competing. The poster design draws lessons from the composition skills of the music and arranges the text repeatedly. The two paragraphs interact with each other in different structures, depicting the melody characteristics of pursuing, lingering and alternation of the three movements of the music. The poster is printed on art paper with silver particles, which visually metaphors the timbre of the harpsichord in the music, with Baroque characteristics.

Musilk是一個自發的海報設計項目,旨在用圖形和字體來表達古典音樂。這一系列三張海報的主題是BWV 1043,既巴赫的D小調雙小提琴協奏曲。這部作品以復調的形式編寫,以兩個獨奏樂器進行競奏,海報的設計借鑒了樂曲的作曲技巧,對文本進行了重復的編排,兩段文字以不同的結構互相影響,描繪出樂曲三個樂章追逐、縈繞、交替的旋律特征。海報的印刷選用了帶有銀色顆粒的藝術紙,銀點在視覺上隱喻了樂曲中古鋼琴的音色,極具巴洛克特征。

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